Does Friday have to be Black?

Updated: May 16, 2020

"We don't want to encourage impulsive, pressurised sales as this surely only leads to more waste in the long run."

Where to start with Black Friday? As a retailer we find ourselves conflicted when it comes to the most popular day of the year for shopping. First and foremost we are an independent brand that designs and makes clothes. We are inspired to be sustainable and ethical and these are the most important things to us. We employ a small team of local people and are proud to have created a happy, fun and creative place to work. At the heart of our brand is our aim to make people feel more like themselves. Clothes are crucial in communicating our identity to the rest of the world and we get so much pleasure in helping people feel good about themselves. We want people to buy garments they love, wear them in all aspects of their lives and repair them or recycle them when they no longer have use for them. When purchasing from us customers make careful, considered decisions and this attitude isn't conducive with the mass purchasing hysteria that Black Friday creates. We don't want to encourage impulsive, pressurised sales as this surely only leads to more waste in the long run. Equally as a small team that hand makes everything we can't cope with our workload increasing so heavily especially at this time of year. All of these factors are why we find Black Friday a divisive issue. Not wanting to align ourselves with an often violent tradition and also not being able to slash our carefully considered prices we are struggling to think of a way we can acknowledge tomorrow and show our loyal customers how much we value their support.

Do other small, independent brands find this with #blackfriday ?

Uk Fashion Designer Christopher Raeburn shares our thoughts:

“It’s our observation that Black Friday can lead to a sales culture which is getting more competitive, aggressive and wasteful by the year.” states Raeburn, “This leads to an enormous pressure on prices and production, as well as growing consumer expectation of more for less. There’s an unacceptable volume of overproduction and overconsumption, and we need to be radical in addressing this.” via Forbes

I suppose what we would really like to encourage is shopping small, locally and independently this Christmas. Think outside the box, know that your money makes such a difference to a small brand and only buy what you know you or others would really love. We are open Tuesday-Saturday for most of December and love nothing more than meeting customers face to face.

These are just a few thoughts we've been having at Chaos recently by no means are we telling anyone what to do! We'd just love to know anyone else's thoughts. #chaosstyle

Designed and handmade in the New Forest, England.

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