'Wabbits' were born out of a love of creating miniature Chaos clothes and a penchant for silly voices. During our busy times this year our founder and chief designer Frances found calm amongst the chaos in the fiddly making of these rice filled bunnies.  It started with 'Wodger' and slowly a whole family has grown, each Wabbit with it's own name, personality, story and of course chaos outfit; hand stitched and made out of all natural, left over fabric from the Chaos clothing collections. 


We think these are a lovely gift for yourself or the Chaos lover in your life. A little companion to perk you up on days when you just need a little silliness or something to turn to when you need to take a deep breath and channel some calmness. 


Each Wabbit is completely indidvidual and one off and all feature a waxed thread loop on the back of the necks so they can be hung on the tree as a quirky christmas decoration. 


Please note: these are not 'toys' but they have been made with love and want it in return- take them on adventures and keep them nearby everyday. 


The items you see here are pre-made and so are ready to dispatch within 1-3 working days.

Hand Made Wabbits


    • Hand made cloth bunny rabbit
    • 100% natural fibres 
    • Rice filled body 
    • Embroidered features 
    • Miniture Chaos clothes 
    • Hanging loop on the back neck 

Designed and handmade in the New Forest, England.

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