Soaking Time a/w 2019

Lambswool Knit, Chestnut Wax, Bold Batik, Gum Canvas

Soaking Time is a collection born out of our love for the past. Inspired by The Bloomsbury Set and their unconventional lifestyles, their hand decorated home Charleston Farmhouse and the art they made. These garments have been designed to create an androgynous silhouette. Our muses wore clothes for practical purposes, clothes that made societal statements and clothes that didn’t define them purely as women. Virginia Woolf held up her stockings with safety pins and Dora Carrington pioneered a pageboy haircut. Layering garments is an important part of the collection as well as a mixture of texture and tone. From inspiration and research we have attempted to retain a strong nod to the past without replicating garments from the time exactly. Layer up in muted patterns, traditional jeans and lambswool knit and channel a 20th Century bohemian, today.

“Standing now, apparently transfixed, by the pear tree..."

Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

Designed and handmade in the New Forest, England.

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