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Available Thursday 6th July 12pm GMT

The term maillot was inducted into the English dictionary in 1928; it derived from the French phrase for swaddling clothes. The modern French term for a swimsuit, maillot de bain, also makes use of the word.


Maillot is an all-in-one undergarment made in ultra-soft jersey; stretchy with a frilled organza/lace edging. The elongated sleeves and flared short trouser shape give it a very playful feeling. Can be worn on its own or as a great under-garment. Works particularly well under our Sylvia, Sussex, or Hartigan styles. 


Made in super soft and substantial cotton modal jersey; the perfect weight with a nice amount of drape. 


    • All-in one
    • Organza edging
    • Elongated sleeves
    • No sleeve option 
    • Soft, midweight jersey
    • Back neck fastening
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