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We consider our responsibilities as a brand paramount when it comes to sustainability, our team and the impression our clothing makes on the world. 

Every inch of our business at Chaos has grown organically, from passions, fascinations and inspirations. We had no agenda when we began. We just wanted to create garments that we couldn’t find readily available; made from natural fabrics and with the highest quality finish. As our business has grown we’ve slotted into a movement known as ‘slow fashion’ in which independent brands create clothes that are less dictated by trend and more by ethics and sustainability. It turns out that choices we made at the start, out of necessity, are the most sustainable and positive ways of creating a clothing brand. Using high quality, natural fabrics with a clear and ethical provenance and practicing the least wasteful pattern cutting methods when possible. Part of our business is also making to order rather than making excessive stock which would be a waste of resources; fabric, time and money. This has proved one of the most successful points of the Chaos brand as customers receive orders made for them with care rather than mass produced garments that compromise quality. When garments are made to high quality they are more likely to last and longevity in garments is one of the main ways we can fight fast and harmful fashion. If our clothes are better quality they will last longer, and if they cost more initially (due to the handmade nature) we are more likely to care for them properly which in turn increases their lifespan. Washing garments correctly, on a low heat and not too regularly, and repairing them when necessary are also practices we endorse at Chaos.
A happy workplace is also very important at Chaos. Every single one of our garments is researched, designed, developed, hand cut and made from scratch by members of team Chaos and this inclusive, varied environment creates enjoyable and changeable working days and weeks. We know this is important to our customers and so we value it very highly. 
The final way in which Chaos aims to be a responsible business is our use of materials and how we recycle and reuse them. All of our orders are sent out in  minimal packaging; a compostable envelope made from potato starch inside a recycled paper potato sack that is sewn rather than taped up. We love the look of this method and hope that when customers receive it they can go on to reuse it too. All of our fabric scraps that are too small to use are collected and then donated to a local charity which reuses and recycles them. Read more about the fabrics and how we try and be as sustainable as possible (flax is one of the most eco-friendly fibres and Linen production is the healthiest for the planet, and that’s why we love it.)
We hope these are values you also have and you consider these factors when buying clothes. If so we hope the choice between fast fashion and Calm Amongst the Chaos is an easy one… 

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