Chaos has grown from the personal project of founder Frances Farmer into an ever evolving sustainable small brand that creates carefully considered clothing. 

Chaos was started in 2003 by owner and founder Frances Farmer. With over 20 years of experience in fashion design she reignited her passion in the shed at the bottom of the garden after having a family.  Since then the business has had many different faces but upon opening our High Street store in August 2017 we have evolved from a bespoke design studio to a store that creates sustainable, hand made collections of clothes evocative of a simple lifestyle. Inspired by a lifetimes love of fashion from throughout history and from all over the world Chaos has found a passionate audience for our clothing and we continue to grow everyday.


Now a team of 7 including Frances' daughter Agy, who completed her fashion degree at Winchester School of Art in 2019, we are a busy and energetic business and we love every minute. Whilst we all have particular roles we equally can all turn our hand to anything in the studio and it truly is a team effort. The Chaos Team: Amelia is a recent knitwear graduate with a passion for learning new skills. Melissa is a creative soul who is not only a part of the making process but also is the best in the team when it comes to customer care. Heidi is a dedicated seamstress with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Seb is an A-level student with ambitions to work in the fashion industry who has been a part of Chaos since he was 14. And last but not least Steve who is our part time office boy and general dogs body!