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the chaos story has grown into an ever evolving small brand that creates carefully considered clothing

Chaos was started in 2003 by owner and founder Frances Farmer. With over 20 years of experience in fashion design she reignited her passion and since then the business has had many different faces. Upon opening our High Street store in August 2017 we have evolved from a bespoke design studio to a store that creates sustainable, hand made collections of clothes evocative of a simple lifestyle. Inspired by a lifetimes love of fashion from throughout history and from all over the world Chaos has found a passionate audience for our clothing and we continue to grow everyday.

As we've expanded over the last few years, especially online during the Pandemic from 2020, we've desperately needed more space. As of April 2022 we moved to the perfect studios, still located in Ringwood, and we're so excited to continue the Chaos journey here. 

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