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designing. planning, sourcing. cutting, stitching. steaming. merchandising. photographing. labelling. packing. posting. processing. all done in the chaos studio

Studio Info

We are now a design studio and not a retail space and therefore only open on certain, special days throughout the year. please follow us on Instagram to stay up to date or call us for more info. 

The Chaos studio in the market town of Ringwood is a hub of designing, making, and creating.

Everything at Chaos is done in-house. We love every stage of the process from designing garments, selecting sustainable fabrics to making and carefully labeling. Every part of the procedure is just as important as the next and we pride ourselves on being #madeinengland

As we've expanded over the last few years, especially online during the lockdown, we've desperately needed more space. Luckily we've found the perfect studios, still located in Ringwood, and we're so excited to continue the Chaos journey here. 

calm amongst the chaos hq
Ground floor Pintail House
duck island lane
bh24 3aa 

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