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We design clothes at Chaos that work together season to season, year in year out.

We’re not focused on trends, more on individuals and how they will feel in a garment. We design clothes that disregard your age, size and occasionally gender. As we’ve said, for us how you feel in  clothes is almost more important than how you look in them. We believe that clothes should flatter a person, but it’s not all about looking taller or slimmer or curvier. Inspired by one of our favourite designers Yohji Yamamoto, we often think of the silhouette the garment will make on the body rather than the shape of the body itself when designing.

'I prefer to show the hidden body.

i don't like to show the body ostentatiously.

i prefer to dream.'

yohji Yamamoto 

The Wardrobe

We realised that following the traditional fashion calendar was not useful for our brand on a sustainable, practical, and personal level. We had worked hard to create and perfect each style and it seemed futile to try and force brand new designs for a taskmaster of a schedule. 

The wardrobe is comprised of a careful selection of our most popular tried and tested styles including tops, trousers, dresses, dungarees, and accessories. All are available made-to-order all year round in our neutral colour palette of linens, cottons, denims and jerseys: this is our Constant Chaos Wardrobe.

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