The Chaos Wardrobe


A capsule collection of styles that will exist permanently at Chaos. Each month a new line-up will drop featuring the styles in fresh colour ways and fabrics. 


We realised that following the traditional seasons of the fashion calendar was not useful for our brand on a sustainable, practical and personal level. We had worked hard to create and perfect each style and it seemed futile to try and force brand new designs for a taskmaster of a schedule. 


The wardrobe is comprised of 19 of our most popular tried and tested styles including tops, trousers, dresses, dungarees and accessories; all adaptable depending on the fabrics they are made in. 


Every month a new line-up will be dropped (the first Thursday to be specific) featuring the 19 items in their new colours/fabrics. This gives us the ability to use small runs of fabrics with no worry of needing to keep them in stock for an entire season. It also means that if you have a favourite style you’ll be able to collect each new version!


We will also do ‘Edition’ drops every third Thursday of the month. These will be undefined and very organic: inspired by a one off fabric, a spontaneous design or a long planned intricate experiment that we’ve been working on behind the scenes. Like our ‘Painterly’ drops we did during lockdown- something a little bit different to keep our mad designer brains working!

Next drop: Christmas Wardrobe 19/11/20

@ midday

Designed and handmade in the New Forest, England.

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